Day 4

Rode out in the morning (after sleeping in a bed again) and had to push my bike up an 8% dirt grade to get back on the trail. Was not a fun way to start the day. I hit the Silver Dollar Inn and took the frontage road till around Hagan. This was really nice riding but that changed very drastically. I hopped on the first road out of Hagan was PAINFUL. Lots of large rocks had been washed in and small ones which made the ride painful. After about 45 minutes of this, I hopped on I-90 for about 5-6 miles. Around Drexel, I switched back to the trail, and the storms moved in and I got caught in a torrential downpour.

I switched back to the trail which was still rough but slowly improved. ATV tracks started to come up which helped a lot and made for some fun single-track style riding. Once I hit St Regis I found a nice road and took that into town. I switched out of my soaking wet clothes and let them dry off on my bicycle for a while, and went into a local bar/casino to wait out the remaining rain. I had a BLT and huckleberry lemonade. I wasn’t in the mood to drink after that. I talked to MJ for a while who was a hilarious and great local guy, who gave me shit about riding in the rain. I took off and hit another frontage road out of town towards to Superior MT. After a couple more frontage roads I stopped at an awesome bar and chatted w/ locals for a while. I got some good advice and took hwy 10 out of town which was totally empty. I was planning to camp in Quartz MT but ended up finding a primitive campground, Forest Grove Campground, and camped there instead. I was the only person here, with the river roaring beside me. I started a fire with some wood laying around, cooked, threw everything in the bear locker, and went to sleep. I heard some very loud noises at night and was very scared that a bear was sneaking around, but nothing else

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